Why Speedy’s A/C?

“Speed” As a Family Owned business, we can be flexible with a true sense of urgency,especially when the hotter months approach and the extreme heat from the Arizona sun, speed is everything. “We’re much faster than companies that have to go through a more political process of getting things done.”

“Trust” is essential in all business, but especially so in the service business you have to let someone come into your home, there’s a very high level of trust from you. With our service you will not have random service technicians get in and out to your home. You will have the same technician who started the job that finishes it. With our service history, there is no need to go over the same story every time you service your HVAC we keep track so you don’t have to.

Would you rather have advice from someone who repairs them? Or someone who gets paid to sell them?

If you’re looking for top-notch professionals who can replace, repair, or install any heating and air conditioning unit in Arizona, turn to Speedy’s A/C & Heating. We provide full service heating and Air Conditioning that can provide you with a variety of services including A/C repairs, installation and maintenance as well as new and used air conditioning and heating units for home and your business.

How you can avoid getting ripped off by a contractor?

All our technicians are highly trained professionals. We keep up on all the latest advances in technology to ensure that the heating and air conditioning needs of our Arizona clients are met with 100% satisfaction. Whether your problem involves repair services or installation, our skilled staff can handle any job.